The Coffee Bag

The ‘Coffee Bag’ Beginnings…

The initial idea of the coffee bag originated from not having enough time to prepare a percolator or cafetière, and it suddenly seemed obvious that if it was possible to do it with tea, why couldn’t we do it with coffee, thinking that it was such an obvious idea that it must have been done before. This then lead to the development of the ‘coffee bag’ as it is presented today.

We have created 4 exciting coffee blends which are ground to order by our roasters. When you use a coffee bag, there will be no mess from the messy coffee grounds in your sink, and you will have enjoyed a coffee to your required strength and flavour. The sealed pouches have a shelf life of 12 months, during which time the coffee will remain fresh, and retain the fullness of flavour as at the point of packaging.  You can now order our coffee monthly to suit your budget, so just contact us for details.

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