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The Coffee Club – Coffee Subscription

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed coffee novice, a caffeine connoisseur or simply on the hunt for the perfect pick-me-up for a loved one, our coffee subscription ticks every box.

The finest coffee delivered direct to your door each month, our brand-new coffee subscription service takes the hassle out of buying the world’s most popular drink.

What’s more, our award-winning coffee bags – praised by the Great Taste Awards and Lucas Hollwegg from The Sunday Times – will save you a small fortune compared to your daily take-out.

Indeed, if you take advantage of our introductory offer, a stunning cup of coffee will cost just 16p. Austerity has never tasted so good.

What will you get?

Once you’ve picked from our incredible range of six blends, or one of our three different flavoured coffees, you can leave the rest to us. We’ll even cover the postage. All you’ll need to do is boil a kettle.

Every month over the course of a year we’ll send a pouch of 25 coffee bags direct to your door. You’ll know it’s from us because it’s the best-smelling parcel you’ll ever receive. Each bag will help you tackle the day ahead or unwind from the day you’re just had.

But it’s not just about the coffee: as a member of our cherished community you’ll also have access to special monthly offers and exclusive competitions.

And the cherry on top? You get to influence our coffee of the future, for we’ll be collating all the feedback we receive as well as inviting Coffee Club members to have their input on new flavours and blends.

So, if you want to join the caffeine cognoscenti, subscribe today and share your flavour ideas for the greater good of coffee.

Coffee Subscription | Real Coffee Bag Co.
Coffee Subscription | Real Coffee Bag Co.

What’s it going to cost?

Membership of our coffee subscription costs £69.99 per year. However, as an introductory offer, we’ve reduced the price to just £64.99. That works out at just over 20p for every mug – a fraction of the price of a High Street latte.

Of course, the news could get even better. Every month one of our lucky Coffee Club members can win their coffee subscription back, in which case, your coffee will be free for the whole year.

The small print

We’re always up front about our prices and our customer service is second to none.

But if, for any reason, the Coffee Club isn’t for you, or doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll be more than happy to refund the remainder of your coffee subscription.

Simply call us on 01743 588088 and speak to a member of our dedicated team.

Coffee Subscription | Real Coffee Bag Co.

And finally…

If you still need convincing, here’s what legendary food writer Lucas Hollwegg had to say about our Real Coffee Co bags:

“Coffee bags aren’t new but these bags feel different; more luxurious and the smell is really attractive. And what’s inside is a blend of arabica beans which gives a really complex flavour profile – chocolatey notes, a slight spiciness, fruity acidity, well balanced, strong but not overpowering.

“We all know that instant coffee never does the job, it doesn’t taste like real coffee, but this is real coffee. It’s worth putting a couple of these in your overnight bag if you’re travelling just so you can have a really great coffee when you wake up.

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