Our Coffee Bag Journey…

Our Coffee Bag Journey

When we returned to the UK from living in Portugal, we had 2 small children and a very busy life!  We were used to having lovely strong coffee, but found that we could not get the taste we needed from instant, or the regular coffees already on the market.  We came up with the idea of making coffee in a bag – not a new idea, but we knew we could do it better if we could just get the right coffees.  We found a fabulous roaster who helped us to blend the coffees we were looking for, to satisfy that coffee need at any time of day, and came up with 4 delicious blends.  We then added a decaf, and our lovely Nicaraguan coffee and then we had our selection.

The Coffee Bag offers a real coffee in minutes without the need to clear away any messy coffee grinds, and you can take your coffee with you to the office, or even when you go away on holiday.  You need never miss that perfect coffee that you have at home.

Now you can have the coffee you want straight to your door, as we are just introducing our monthly payment system, so you get the coffee you want fresh every month, with the minimum of effort.  Contact us now for details.

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